Conan: King Tuff – Eyes of the Muse



This dude is my new obsession. Like, obsessed.

I randomly stumbled upon his name when I saw he/they were playing Conan, yesterday. The name, “King Tuff”, intrigued me enough to actually look up his music. I guess it didn’t hurt, that the photo associated with their performance on Conan, looked like they were just a bunch of dudes. Ya know the kind, “DOOOODS”. I like those kind of dudes..

Anyway, after just listening to one song, I was hooked. It was magical. It was something I had been missing from my musical listening all year. Something that is normally fulfilled with JEFF the Brotherhood, who haven’t released much new music. So I like these guys, they’re spitting out some great, catchy tunes. And Kyle Thomas (King Tuff) just looks cool as shit, to be honest.

You can watch their performance on Conan, HERE.

They got those winter outfits down, fo reals though.


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