Late Show With David Letterman: Shakey Graves feat. Esmé Patterson – Dearly Departed

The always impressive, Shakey Graves, stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman, last Friday. He was joined by the beautiful, Esmé Patterson for the song, “Dearly Departed”. I loved the performance, but I was kind of thrown off when I first started watching the video. If you’ve ever seen SG live and especially when he’s touring with Esmé, their rendition of the song is pretty entertaining. They really seem like they’re having a blast on stage, giggling, exchanging smiling glances and what not. So I was rather confused when both of them looked a bit nervous at the beginning of the song on Letterman. HOWEVER, the fear subsided and the two of them looked like their old selves. The energy picks up, the laughter resumes, and Dave loves every bit of it.

Check out the wonderful performance below.


There is one comment

  1. Nathan Brown

    I got the amazing opportunity to see Shakey Graves Live at the Triffard in Brisbane, Australia where I am from. Happiest that I have been after a gig in a very, very long time. Amazing talent!

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