Album Review: JEFF the Brotherhood – Wasted On the Dream

Artist: JEFF the Brotherhood
Title: Wasted On the Dream
Release Date: 03.24.15
Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 8/10

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this album and I’ve had a good many conversations about it as well. Normally I would be thrilled that I actually have people to converse about this band, but instead it’s been a weird pool of emotions. Some positive feedback, but I feel a good majority have been left scratching their head.

Welp, I love this album. There. I’m not questioning it, I’m not over-thinking it, I am just embracing this record for what it is; a nice progression in JEFF the Brotherhood’s discography of music. A record that still rocks. That still has you humming those guitar riffs long after the music has stopped. That alone, is a good indication that things are just fine in the JTB camp. So let’s all just relax a bit, okay?

Personally, this album sparked a lot of my interest after just one listen. The reason being; I recognized a lot of the songs. I’ve always had the distinct pleasure of being able to see JTB at least 2-3 times a year, in Chicago. 2014 was no exception. During the three times I saw them last year, I was able to hear a lot of new material. *If you’ve kept up with all the Warner Bros/JTB drama, then you know that this album was long overdue. (Warner Bros basically just sat on it for long time). What’s done is done, I’m glad they’ve both gone their separate ways and things can go in a more natural progression with their own label, Infinity Cat. So while there was some record delays, there was certainly no stoppage to the new music at their shows. Wasted On the Dream is a great reminder of 2014 and all those incredible shows I attended. It conjures up the finest memories for me as I voyage through this record. To complete it all, they are still making ridiculously great music. It may not be as hard-hitting as some of their earlier material, but every band gets older, ever band grows. Every record cannot sound the same, because then what’s the point? They still play around with silly lyrics, still have hard riffs, still rock-the-fuck-out, and still carry on with that particular, “JEFF the Brotherhood Swag”. Things just sound a bit cleaner now. The production is on point. The melodies and lyrics are even more catchier. They’ve kind of just gathered everything a normal person would learn from being in a band for 10+ years and decided to do something with it. Again, this is what you’re supposed to do as a musical artist. Grow, expand, create. And that is exactly what the boys from JEFF the Brotherhood have done.

Favorite Tracks:
🔺  05. Melting Place
🔺  03. Cosmic Visions
🔺  01. Voyage Into Dreams
🔺  10. What’s a Creep
🔺  06. In My Dreams

To preview or purchase Wasted On the Dream: iTunes & Infinity Cat Recordings


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