Album Stream: Bully – Feels Like

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while. I apologize. But I got some good stuff for you, today. Like, some really good stuff.

Bully is little band from good ol’ Nashville, Tennessee and they have a brand new album coming out next Tuesday. It’s not only a new album, but Feels Like, is actually their debut album. There’s a lot of buzz around this band, their live shows, and their debut album. And they completely deserve all of the attention they’re getting.

I first heard of them back in March, as they were opening up for JEFF the Brotherhood out here in L.A. While I love JTB with all my heart, I can’t say that particular show was one of their best. They were awesome and amazing, and everything I wanted and expected out of them. But it was also my first time seeing them in California and the crowd just wasn’t the usual outrageous Chicago crowd I was used to. It was slightly disappointing. When I go to a JTB show, I expect it to be a big, sweaty, and outrageous mess. And this just wasn’t happening in the slightest. What stood out from this show, wasn’t the lack of crowd energy, but was instead the opening act, Bully. I honestly think they blew everyone away. Lead singer Alicia Bognanno was shy and yet charming in between songs. But when they were playing, she destroyed. The songs were quick but demanding. They were a mix of pop and grunge, and it was all very catchy as fuck. They sold me. And I’m pretty sure everyone else in that audience was enamored by them as well.

After that night, I haven’t stopped listening to Bully and have been very eager for their debut album to come out. They’re going to be big. Alicia Bognanno is creating wonderfully honest music. She’s putting herself out there. She’s letting you inside in her world with this music and it’s fantastic.

You can stream Bully’s debut album, Feels Like, HERE.
I’ll expect a “thank you” later.

(Courtesy of NPR Music)


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