Album Review: Roses & Cigarettes – Roses & Cigarettes

Artist: Roses & Cigarettes
Title: Roses & Cigarettes
Release Date: 05.01.15
Genre: Country Rock
Rating: 7 / 10

A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a band called Roses & Cigarettes, who were playing over at The Mint, here in Los Angeles. The duo consists of vocalist, Jenny Pagliaro and guitarist, Angela Petrilli. I have been seeing their names around the social media world, as they’ve been opening up for some great acts around these parts. I checked their music out and although I’m usually not a huge fan of country music, there was something about these ladies that resonated with me. They were more than just a country act, they were playing some good ol’ rock n’ roll. Seeing them in a live setting was a must, and boy did they not disappoint.

So here we are with their debut, self-titled album, Roses & Cigarettes. Their fierce live performance only solidified what I had heard on their record. This album roars with intensity. Jenny’s vocals are some of the strongest I’ve heard in a while. And this girl is legit. I thought surely her voice might falter once I would see them in a live setting, but it didn’t in the slightest. She is blessed with some amazing pipes. What’s even better is that the lyrics she’s coming up with are not your typical or mundane country lyrics. I have to say that this is most prevalent on the track, “Laurel Canyon”. This song is actually one of my favorites and resonates a lot with me. That could be said for actually a lot of people who have picked up and left their hometown to come to Los Angeles. This city is a lot to take in, a lot to get used to. A lot of us out here are transplants to this city, myself from Chicago, Jenny Pagliaro from New England, and I’m sure a lot of other people here could name various other cities around The United States. We came out here for a reason, usually some far-fetched dream. Some of us make it, and some of us don’t. But what we all have in common in that struggle, missing friends and family back home, missing something familiar. That’s exactly what this song talks about. It is completely relatable and something that was put in a beautiful little song by these two ladies. And I’m certainly glad neither one gave up on their dream and are starting to enjoy some success, because it is very well deserved.

That one track stood out more to me than the rest, but I should also point out that most of the lyrics and subject matter are actually all pretty approachable. Probably one of things I like most about this record. It’s always great to find female artists that you can relate to. What’s even better, is when those female artists are making strong, powerful, and kickass music. Roses & Cigarettes does exactly just that. Don’t believe me? Check out their lead single, “Whiskey Down”, and I think you’ll be pretty blown away. Guitarist, Angela Petrilli, has been playing guitar for a good majority of her life, and it shows. She is super talented, and the perfect anchor for Jenny’s commanding voice. I really wish all of you guys could come out to L.A. and check out one of their sets to really see how skilled these women are. This record is a great introduction in the mean time. And who knows, hopefully soon, they’ll be playing a town near you. I can only hope. Wishing them all the luck!

Favorite Tracks:
🔺  02. Shelter
🔺  08. Whiskey Down
🔺  01. Driving
🔺  10. Laurel Canyon

To preview or purchase Roses & Cigarettes: iTunes & Amazon


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