Video: Mew – Witness

Today is a very sad day. But there is some good news.. let’s start with that.

Mew has a new video out for their song, “Witness”. My absolute favorite song off their new album, +-. It has a nice rushed pace to it, and lead singer Jonas Bjerre’s vocals are actually quite different for the majority of the song, than they normally tend to be. I’m liking the deeper vocal range, for sure. The video goes right along with the tempo of the song. The lighting and abundant of youths around them recall a certain Nirvana video. You know the one. So all in all, good stuff. I’ll let you watch the video before I break the bad news.

Okay, now the bad news. Although this news actually came out on July 2nd, I somehow just learned about it now. Mew’s founding member and guitarist for 20 years (also my favorite member), Bo Madsen, has left the band. Yeah. SHOCKING. The press statement from the band:

“After 20 years playing together in Mew, the band and Bo Madsen have decided to part ways for the time being.

At present the rest of us will continue with Mew.

We are happy to tell you that guitarist Mads Wegner will be joining us on our upcoming shows, and we look forward to seeing you all out there.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Jonas, Johan and Silas”

Bo Madsen’s unique guitar work is what makes this band so special to me. I can’t imagine anyone being able to fill those shoes. I mean, “Introducing Palace Players” just cannot be done without him. I got tickets to both the LA & SF shows and very curious how this is all going to turn out. It just won’t be the same.

So in honor of this mustached wonder, I will enjoy a popsicle, listen to some old Mew songs, and have to find someone else to get my fashion sense from. You will be missed, Mr. Madsen, you will be missed.




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