New Music: Phases – Phases EP

Could I please have 11 minutes and 2 seconds of your time?

Well, maybe add just one more minute to that, but I swear that’s all I need!


Let me introduce you to this little band from the Midwest, called Phases.

Who they are: Jimmy Frezza, Tristan Ivas, and Jackson VanHorn + Christopher Madsen
Where they’re from: Indianapolis, Indiana
What kind of music: Dreamy, post-punk/goth
Why you should listen: They’re self-titled EP only consists of 3 songs, “Arrow”, “Laughter”, and my personal favorite, “Time”. An EP that will only take 11 minutes and 2 seconds of your time. It’s quick, but totally worth it. The lead singer’s voice is very reminiscent of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, or I would even go as far as to compare it to the monotone voice of Interpol’s Paul Banks. Both voices I love and enjoy. It brings a sort of dreary seriousness to the music. And as far as the actual music goes, think Slowdive. I’m not sure there could be many other comparisons. Basically these boys are making some very good moves here, and I’m very happy to always mention and support an act from my Midwest homeland.

So where do we go from here?

Good question, you can check out their music via Bandcamp ↠ HERE
Or better yet, buy their tape/mp3 via Jurassic Pop Records ↠ HERE


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