Song: Marijuana Deathsquads – Ewok Sadness

This band deserves some award for the names and titles that they have come up with. What deathsquads involve marijuana? What entails Ewoks being sad? I have no fucking idea! But it’s brilliant.

What’s even more brilliant, is this song. What’s even more sad, is how obsessed I am with it.

The song is experimental and creepy. It explores electronic sounds that we’re sort of familiar with, but it also grabs your soul with this deep sensation of loneliness. The beats become hollow, and the vocals chime in, distorted, with a jarring energy. Then the pressure subsides into an abundance of sound. Every instrument swells up into a euphoric release. A mix between frustration, anger, and rejection. This song is so infinitely sad and yet, so powerful.

Check it out for yourself.

And if you feel the need to tell me this is an old song, save yourself the trouble. I already know it’s from 2013, but I just recently stumbled upon it via my Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist. So suck it.


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