Album Stream: JEFF the Brotherhood – Global Chakra Rhythms

I don’t know what I did to deserve two JEFF the Brotherhood records in one year, but I’ll consider myself to be very lucky. The Nashville brothers released Wasted on the Dream earlier this year, and this Friday will be releasing their second album of 2015, Global Chakra Rhythms. It’s like a continuous celebration of one of my favorite bands, and I for one, am not complaining.

After just a few listens to this album, I have to say, it is COMPLETELY different from any of their other work. Completely different in an incredible way. It’s the kind of record that is probably most accessible via spinning on your record player. The kind of vibe where you want to just relax and mellow out. But, I will have to say, you should go into this album knowing it’s not going to be loud and raucous like we’re normally accustomed to with JTB. Please don’t let the different sounds and textures sway you to think differently about this album or the band. This is actually probably the finest example of experimentation for an artist, that is pulled off very nicely.

So let’s all just chill the fuck out and get lost in Global Chakra Rhythms

((( S T R E A M I N G    B E L O W )))

Album is being released this Friday, November 13th via Infinity Cat Recordings.

(Courtesy of Soundcloud)


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