Late Show With Stephen Colbert: The War on Drugs – Holding On

I never realized how much I missed The War on Drugs until they disappeared for a while. All of sudden, it’s 2017, it’s already June, and the need for some Adam Granduciel in my life has become apparent. The War on Drugs music fits in wonderfully with the summer. It instantly makes you want to go on a road trip, playing an album or two, while you look out the window at the most beautiful scenary. Their music has always reminded me of a train, constinuously chugging along. It’s not complicated, it’s always just something to listen to, to ease your mind and get lost in the moment. It never abruptly ends, but instead lets the listener delve further into whatever thoughts or daydreams they wish to have. This summer I am so ready to get lost into that world with The War on Drugs. While I’m patiently waiting for their new album, “A Deeper Understanding” to be released on August 25th, this little performance on The Late Show will fill that void until then.

Check out the performance from Monday evening, below.


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