No, I’m not that D-Rose, although NBA superstar Derrick Rose and I do have a few things in common. We hail from the same city, we love the Chicago Bulls, and we also happen to have the same nickname. So then how do I win the title of “The Original D-Rose” you ask? By being born a couple years before him, simple as that.

If you know me or don’t know know me at all, one thing I tend to love more than anything is music.  I am not a music expert, not very good at playing music, or one of those people that even loves all types of music.  I am an opinionated, biased, and stuck up music snob.  There, I said it.  I love finding great new bands, but am a firm defender and supporter of bands I’ve loved throughout the years.  While I do appreciate music input from others, I often find that music is a journey I have to discover by myself.  If you love music as much as I do, I’m sure you can understand this.

I hope to bring readers into this world that screams MUSIC. Hopefully you will be able to take away an interesting concert review, album review, festival guides, great videos, and simply songs you cannot live without.  That is my goal.

-Dana Rose Bartlett



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  1. Angel Soto

    Hello D-Rose,

    I have a band called WET ASHES and I found out about you through Instagram and I was wondering if you would like to check my songs. We have an EP from a few years ago and now we have new material and this is our teaser: http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=lYSRppkNiig
    Let me know if I can send you links to the new unreleased tracks and if you like our music then you would be one of the select group of people that know about us, because not a lot of people know us, we are just starting to market ourselves better, actually we have a big hope on College radio campaign that will start next week.. So hopefully we will not be unknown for long.. Anyway, I appreciate your time!

    Angel Soto
    Wet Ashes’ Singer

  2. Joe hermanson

    Hello Dana
    Love what you’re doing so happy that there’s people in the world like you. I have a band The Sharrows in Madison Wisconsin. I just want to share our love of making music and putting out in the world.
    Keep doing what you’re doing thank you check us out.


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